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WDUG Blog is at wdug.blogspot.com/

The Technology Support and Office Automation Services are proud to present the Web Developer User Group (WDUG) for staff in its member districts. The purpose of this group is to share relevant information geared toward school-district web developers and other interested staff in our four-county area. It is a forum for the discussion of general web development problems and solutions.

The WDUG has been designed to give the MHRIC community the opportunity to exchange ideas, share new technologies, discuss current issues, tips, tricks and suggestions, and share successes. We welcome new webmasters just starting out as well as the seasoned veteran. We will also have vendor presentations when possible, and invite members of the WDUG to also showcase their sites, knowledge, and participate in presenting.

This will be great place for newcomers to web development to ask questions, as much as it will be a place for the more seasoned veterans to exchange information of all types. Any staff member involved or interested in designing, developing, and maintaining web sites or the topics presented and whose district belongs to the Technology Support Service or Office Automation Service is welcome to attend. Please register using the regular TSS form in MicroNews, on the MHRIC web site at www.mhric.org, or through MyLearningPlan.com .

Next User Group Meeting:

Apple Presents!

The date is Friday, April 8, 2011 from 8:30 - Noon.

As Apple's popularity grows in the private, enterprise and education sectors, you're invited to attend a demonstration of how the "Apple environment" can help with productivity as well as ideas on how to integrate these tools into the classroom.


If you would like a special topic discussed, know of a presenter, or would like to present, please contact us.



How to Register:

  1. You can register using the form in the current issue of MicroNews.
  2. You can register through our web site. Go to www.mhric.org and select TSS Classes from the menu on the left. The TSS class list and registration form can be found at that link.
  3. If your TSS district subscribes to My Learning Plan (MLP), you must register by clicking on the MHRIC catalog link.


If you need more information:

Please feel free to pass this information on to those in your district who might be interested.

These workshops may be videotaped, edited, and distributed at a future point.


Check out the WDUG blog at wdug.blogspot.com/ and feel free to participate. Please read, link, and subscribe to it::

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