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RTIm Direct

This Web-based system for Academic Intervention Services/Response to Intervention offers the most comprehensive and easy to use AIS/RTI tracking and management software designed specifically for New York State school districts.

Included in the system is a comprehensive at-a-glance tracking of each student’s entire AIS/RTI information on one scrollable page; development of student AIS/RTI plans directly online for viewing, editing, and collaborating by all authorized staff involved with a student; built-in AIS/ RTI tracking; and progress reports. System specialists at the Mid-Hudson Regional Information Center will assist districts with the specific Internet access configuration and hardware setup, as well as training and support for staff.

  • Users have the ability to mass data enter multiple student interventions at one time, as well as create filters to allow the user to sort out student information quickly and easily.
  • Districts can request an annual RTIm Direct new student import. This import will be extracted from the Student Management System for new students enrolled after a specific date, typically the beginning of the new school year. Please indicate the number of extracts preferred on the service request form.
  • Upon request, the MHRIC will extract NCLB Title I Targeted Assistance (TAS) data needed for the Student Information Repository System (SIRS).

Additional features of the program:

  • Provide automatic content and functionality updates in response to changing New York State regulations.
  • Enable 24 hour/7 day access from any computer connected to the web, with real-time sharing of AIS/RTI student and program information among any number of authorized users at any location.
  • Make communications and compliance with requirements fast and easy with point and click parent notifications.
  • Save time and produce high quality reports through the function of a fully integrated tool for creating quarterly AIS/RTI progress reports.
  • Allow built-in AIS/RTI tracking reports to be generated at the building and/or district level.
  • Help keep track of AIS/RTI related tasks and ensure that the appropriate actions are taken with the use of Online “to do” lists.
  • Provide authorized users a direct link to IEP Direct to view students’ IEPs with RTIm Direct.
  • Response to Intervention Achievement Assessment Matrix.
  • The MHRIC will import all Grade 3-8 ELA/Math/Science, Regents, RCTs, NYSESLAT, and NYSAA assessment scores. We can also assist districts with upcoming local assessment scores in the appropriate electronic format.

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