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IEP Direct

IEP Direct is a web-based special education management system providing input and maintenance capability for special education student demographic and program data. IEP Direct is an intuitive and easy-to-use system and users can access the program from any Internet connection.

IEP Direct can produce student IEPs, IESPs, CSE and CPSE meeting information, goals, and program recommendations based on the data that are inputted and maintained. Information required for the State-mandated PD reports, State Aid forms, and the Student Information Repository System can also be generated and submitted through IEP Direct. Letters produced in Microsoft Word can interface with information in the IEP Direct database. In addition, real-time file sharing and file transfers between IEP Direct districts are available within the application. The MHRIC will import all Grade 3-8 ELA/Math/Science, Regents, RCTs, NYSESLAT, and NYSAA assessment scores. We can also assist districts with upcoming local assessment scores in the appropriate electronic format.

IEP Direct requires a specific Internet browser and hardware setup, which are aidable as part of the service


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