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Sharepoint Account Support Service

District e-mail systems are not designed to accommodate large file attachments. E-mail systems like Outlook or GroupWise can be bogged down and vital e-mail resources can be eroded in trying to scan and transmit large files. In addition, according to privacy laws, sensitive information should not be sent via electronic mail. Sharepoint is software that can securely handle the transmission of files your district needs to share with others, or for you to access from anywhere in the world.

The MHRIC will host your Sharepoint Account for the purpose of securely transferring your file(s) to our system, where you can access it from home, a hotel room, a conference, or from your district without the worry of someone gaining access to the data. Each account will be allotted a 10 megabyte file limit. Our staff will train you on the ease of use features of the Sharepoint application and will be available by phone, e-mail, or GotoMeeting support if needed.

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