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Active Directory Service

The Active Directory Service provides school districts with a toolset to reduce IT costs, improve security, and automate password management.

Specific benefits to districts include:

  • Increasing the productivity of users
  • Reducing the burden of IT administration
  • Improving fault tolerance to minimize downtime
  • Enhancing computer security to provide better peace of mind
  • Leveraging the capabilities of active directory-enabled applications

Active Directory allows for group policies that reduce administration costs by remotely updating software or settings, automate software updates to limit viruses, administer and enforce password policies, and enable file level encryption.

MHRIC support includes: installing, configuring, and maintaining the Active Directory environment. Our technical staff will advise school districts on hardware, software, and installation of the Windows Server operating systems with Active Directory. We will work collaboratively with each district to install and configure Active Directory based on districts needs.

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