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eSchoolData Student Management System

eSchoolData provides districts with a Mid-Hudson Regional Information Center hosted web-based student management system that takes advantage of the latest technologies.

eSchoolData is a user-friendly, comprehensive NYS compliant solution for districts. Key Benefits include realtime attendance, integrated gradebook with seating charts, ability to view students’ IEP, instant access to student academic records, integrated census module, and parent portal.

eSchoolData also provides adhoc reporting with the ability to drill down to data elements, such as poverty level, ethnicity, and program services. With raw data available from eSchoolData, you can obtain statistical data faster and smarter.

Districts interested should contact the MHRIC to discuss the transition, implementation, timelines, and hardware requirements, as well as the MHRIC implementation schedule (as limitations on the number of new districts signing up each year exist). The Mid-Hudson Regional Information Center offers multiple levels of eSchoolData support. The MHRIC will assist current or new subscribers in understanding the district and MHRIC’s responsibilities associated with the service.














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