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District Distributed Information Systems

DDIS provides assistance to districts with an in-house iSeries administrative system. This service enables the district to share programming, support, and other services, helping the district meet its administrative technology requirements.

Features of the Service Include:

  • Coordination of all aspects of the service, such as purchasing, administration of the Regional Information Centers' on-site personnel, supplemental hardware and software training, and planning are included in the service.
  • User group meetings will be held to assist the districts in making effective use of this service and to serve as a vehicle for sharing ideas and information among the users.
  • The Regional Information Center will use its bid and ordering process to consolidate orders for forms and equipment when appropriate. Quantity discounts should be obtained through this method.
  • The Regional Information Center will purchase and hold title to the iSeries, peripherals, communication lines and equipment, operating system, support line service, common application software, and hardware/software maintenance as components of the service.

Optional Services:

If the district wishes to take advantage of BOCES State Aidability, the following will apply:

  • A shared technical support person with iSeries expertise will be scheduled at a component district for an agreed upon time period for technical assistance. This person will be available for on-site assistance involving system software, common application software, hardware, operations backup, supplemental training, programming, and coordination of requisitions for supplies and equipment. This person will meet at the Regional Information Center on a regular basis to assist with coordination and delivery of the service.
  • Additional services will be available to school districts with specific needs. Details for additional services will be negotiated on an individual basis.
  • Districts may wish to have an additional shared technical support person. Details for an additional shared technical support person will be negotiated on an individual basis.

Costs for this service are dependent on the level of support desired. Careful planning with the MHRIC is the starting point.

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