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  • Security Service - offers a range of technology solutions and options for schools that wish to secure their campus with state-of-the-art IP-based Video Camera, Doorway Access Control, Visitor Management Systems, Infrared License Plate Readers. The focus of this service is to provide securely related planning, assignments, training, and technology solutions, utilizing existing resources and network infrastructure where possible, to keep students and staff safe.
  • Rapid Broadcast and Automated Calling Systems - These are automated phone, email, and text messaging notification systems for emergencies, attendance, food service account balance management, and community outreach opportunities to parents, guardians, and staff members.
  • Custom Mobile App - CMAs deliver key content to parents, students, staff, and the community in an easy-to-use format on mobile devices such as phones and tablets.
  • License Plate Reader Technology - Recognizing the need for school districts to identify vehicles entering their campus, the MHRIC has partnered with several leaders in license plate recognition solutions in the indusry.
  • WebSMARTT - WebSMARTT is a School Food Service Management System designed to provide school district Food Service departments' accurate data on all customer accounts, food items, and monies. Our Application and Technical experts will plan, implement, and train your staff in the use of this system that moves your serving lines faster and provides all NYS required reports.



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